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Duncan, William

Male 1824 -

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Generation: 1

  1. 1.  Duncan, William was born 4 Apr 1824, Missouri, USA (son of Duncan, David Daniel and Finnell, Elizabeth B).

Generation: 2

  1. 2.  Duncan, David Daniel was born 11 Mar 1786, Virginia, USA (son of Duncan, John and Wam, Elizabeth); died 20 Dec 1866, Duncans Bridge, Monroe, Missouri, USA.

    Other Events:

    • Name: David Dunkin


    Descendants of Thomas "The Seagull" Green website (see sources) shows him as "Daniel David Duncan" born (same date) in Monroe, MO; died 20 Dec 1856/1859 in Monroe, MO; married Elizabeth B. Finnell about 1820 in MO.

    Note: In 1792, Kentucky (finally) became a state from that portion of Virginia west of the Appalachian Mountains. It was never a "territory". It is believed that David was born in what would become Garrard County, KY. However, when given a chance to declare his birthplace for the US Census, he always chose VA as his birthplace.

    David's death info and his parents' identity and their birth years from the Harris Family Tree by "deniharris", the individual page for Daniel David Dunkin is

    Kentucky Land Grants, 1782-1924 ( shows a David Dunkin getting 132 acres in Wayne County on 9 Jun 1815. However it also shows a David Duncan getting 50 (additional) acres in the same county and watercourse on 19 Oct 1821. Since we have other sources stating David moved to near Armstrong, Howard, MO in 1821. Final straw in casting doubt on any of these being our David is that a Charles & David Duncan received a grant of 120 acres (but along Beaver Creek) on 27 Mar 1847 and a Charles Duncan getting another 185 acres along Beaver Creek on 29 Mar 1847. Of course, there easily could be multiple David Duncan/Dunkin in KY at this time. Wayne County is along the Tennessee border, while Garrard County is ~50 miles north-northeast (about 20 miles south of Lexington).

    Possible brothers migrating with David, but living in Howard County, as listed in the 1830 census (96 images):
    William Dunkin, 40-50, image 23
    Nimrod Dunkin, 30-40, image 55
    John Duncan, 20-30, image 57 (possibly his son?)
    Sarah Dunkin, 40-50, image 81 (sister-in-law?)
    George Dunkin, 30-40, image 91

    David married Finnell, Elizabeth B 27 Feb 1811, Garrard, Kentucky, USA. Elizabeth (daughter of Finnell, Jonathan and Green, Rhoda) was born 17 Feb 1794, Kentucky, USA. [Group Sheet]

  2. 3.  Finnell, Elizabeth B was born 17 Feb 1794, Kentucky, USA (daughter of Finnell, Jonathan and Green, Rhoda).


    Descendants of Thomas "The Seagull" Green website (see sources) has born 22 Feb 1794 in KY; died after 1860 in Monroe, MO.

    1. Duncan, Willis Green Sr. was born 27 Jan 1821, Kentucky, USA; died 8 Mar 1885, near, Higbee, Randolph, Missouri, USA; was buried Aft 8 Mar 1885, Old Ebenezer Cemetery, Higbee, Randolph Co, Missouri, USA.
    2. Duncan, Squire was born 19 Apr 1834, Missouri, USA; died 16 Nov 1900, San Francisco, California, USA.
    3. Duncan, Francis Marion was born 21 Nov 1832, Missouri, USA.
    4. Duncan, Stephen was born 11 Oct 1830, Missouri, USA; died 1860, Monroe, Missouri, USA.
    5. Duncan, David Jackson was born 11 Jul 1829, Missouri, USA; died 1840, Missouri, USA.
    6. Duncan, Susan was born 13 Jan 1828, Howard, Missouri, USA; died 2 Feb 1908, Denver, Denver, Colorado, USA.
    7. Duncan, Martin Luther was born 11 Dec 1826, Missouri, USA; died 1860, California, USA.
    8. Duncan, George W. was born 28 May 1825, Missouri, USA; died 1859.
    9. Duncan, Philip C. was born 21 Apr 1835, Missouri, USA.
    10. 1. Duncan, William was born 4 Apr 1824, Missouri, USA.
    11. Duncan, Henry B. was born 1 Jan 1822, Missouri, USA; died 1862.
    12. Duncan, Nancy was born 20 Jan 1820, Kentucky, USA; died 1865.
    13. Duncan, Greenberry Fountain was born 7 May 1818, Kentucky, USA; died 1 Feb 1893, Monroe, Missouri, USA.
    14. Duncan, Rodah was born 8 Jan 1817, Kentucky, USA; died Abt 1852, Putnam, Missouri, USA.
    15. Duncan, James W was born 1 Aug 1814, Kentucky, USA; died 11 Apr 1886, Duncans Bridge, Monroe, Missouri, USA; was buried Aft 11 Apr 1886, Old Dunkin Cemetery, Duncans Bridge, Monroe, Missouri, USA.
    16. Duncan, Sarah was born 17 Feb 1813, Kentucky, USA.
    17. Duncan, Jonathan W. was born 27 Dec 1811, Kentucky, USA.
    18. Duncan, Elizabeth was born 27 Mar 1823, Missouri, USA; died 1862.
    19. Duncan, Josiah Tirey was born 27 Jun 1837, Missouri, USA.

Generation: 3

  1. 4.  Duncan, John was born 1760.

    John — Wam, Elizabeth. Elizabeth was born 1766. [Group Sheet]

  2. 5.  Wam, Elizabeth was born 1766.
    1. 2. Duncan, David Daniel was born 11 Mar 1786, Virginia, USA; died 20 Dec 1866, Duncans Bridge, Monroe, Missouri, USA.

  3. 6.  Finnell, Jonathan was born 1768, Kentucky, USA.

    Jonathan married Green, Rhoda 13 Dec 1792, Madison, KY. Rhoda (daughter of Green, Stephen Sr. and Scott, Jemima) was born Between 1770 and 1775. [Group Sheet]

  4. 7.  Green, Rhoda was born Between 1770 and 1775 (daughter of Green, Stephen Sr. and Scott, Jemima).
    1. 3. Finnell, Elizabeth B was born 17 Feb 1794, Kentucky, USA.
    2. Finnell, John was born 1796, Kentucky, USA.
    3. Finnell, Susannah A. was born 1799, Kentucky, USA; died 30 Jan 1872, Howard, Missouri, USA.
    4. Finnell, Stephen was born Abt 1802, Kentucky, USA.
    5. Finnell, William was born 18 Jul 1803, Garrard, Kentucky, USA.
    6. Finnell, Jemima was born 1804, Kentucky, USA.
    7. Finnell, Martin was born 1808, Kentucky, USA.
    8. Finnell, Rachel was born 6 Sep 1809, Kentucky, USA.
    9. Finnell, Sarah E. was born 18 Feb 1812, Kentucky, USA.
    10. Finnell, Mary was born Abt 1816, Kentucky, USA.
    11. Finnell, Eliza was born Abt 1818, Kentucky, USA.

Generation: 4

  1. 14.  Green, Stephen Sr. was born Abt 1742, Prince George, VA (son of Green, Henry Filmer Jr and Griffin, Elizabeth); died 7 Jul 1801, Near Richmond, Madison Co, KY.


    Received 100 acres of land from US government for services during Revolutionary War on 15 May 1799, Warrent #13153.

    (The following from Descendants of Thomas "The Seagull" Green website)
    Lists death as 5 Apr 1801/1802 in Madison (Co) KY
    Lists marriage as c 1769 in KY

    14 Aug 1769 - Mecklenburg Co., VA Deeds - Richard Green sold to Wm Vaughn, Stephen Green sold to Richard Wilkins, Frederick & Susannah Green sold to Richard Wilkins---Deed 2-pg. 256, 260 & 262. From deeds at lease two of above were still living on property. Believe all three left county after this date as no further deeds were found for them in the Indexes of Deeds.

    06 Aug 1778, Rowan Co., NC Land Entries-LDS Film #019,730 #1336
    Stephen Green enters 200 acres of land in Rowan Co., joining Henry Stonesypher, Edmond Hays, and William Sizemore, inc. his own improvements.

    03 Jul 1787, Rowan Co., NC Deeds-Bk 11, pg. 58 - LDS Film #019784
    Steven GREEN and Jemima his wife of Rowan Co., to Rodrick JENKINS of same Co., for 120 pounds tract in the fork of Yadkin R. on Grand Branch, adj. Henry Stonecipher, Edmond Hays, containing 200 acres. Signed Steven Green, his mark. Jemima Green, her mark. Wit: E.V. Harbin, Edward Villars Harbin, Jr., Edmon Eachason, his mark.

    1790 Tax List for Madison Co., Kentucky
    First time Greens show up: Martin Green, Stephen Green, & William Green.

    1801/1802 --- Stephen writes his will; it is filed in 1802. Names wife and children in his will:
    Early Kentucky Wills 1785-1806 by King Madison co., Bk A, pg. 186
    GREEN, Stephen - 07 Jul 1801. 05 Apr 1802. Wife-Jemima. Children: Martin, William, Rudah Finney, Susannah, Sarah, Stephen Green. Wit: Humphrey Jones, Jemima Allen, George Moon.

    1813 -- Stephen's wife, Jemima died about Jun 1813. Both Stephen Green and his wife Jemima were buried on their property which was willed to the children. Moses Evans, husband to Sarah Green, bought the property from the rest of the family.

    Source: Chris Sumpter Entries: 392 Updated: Thu Mar 13 17:48:54 2003 Contact: Christopher Sumpter; Blackman - Farmer Roots Entries: 170328 Updated: Sat Mar 8 23:12:03 2003 Contact: Larry & Elaine Blackman

    Stephen married Scott, Jemima Bef 1762. Jemima was born 28 Jul 1731, Virginia, USA; died Abt 1810, Near Richmond, Madison Co, KY. [Group Sheet]

  2. 15.  Scott, Jemima was born 28 Jul 1731, Virginia, USA; died Abt 1810, Near Richmond, Madison Co, KY.
    1. Green, Martin was born 29 Sep 1762, Virginia, USA; died 29 Mar 1833, Near Richmond, Madison Co, KY.
    2. Green, William was born 1764.
    3. Green, Sarah was born Abt 1768; died Bef 1821.
    4. 7. Green, Rhoda was born Between 1770 and 1775.
    5. Green, Stephen Jr. was born 1772; died 1797.
    6. Green, Susannah was born 16 Sep 1779, Rowan Co, NC.