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Goff, Thomas


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Generation: 1

  1. 1.  Goff, Thomas (son of Goff, Wilson F. and Colley, Sarah).

Generation: 2

  1. 2.  Goff, Wilson F. was born Feb 1836; died Aft 1910.

    Wilson — Colley, Sarah. Sarah (daughter of Colley, John Hargus and Arnett, Alcey) was born Abt 1825, Virginia, USA; died Abt 1883, Washington Co, VA. [Group Sheet]

  2. 3.  Colley, Sarah was born Abt 1825, Virginia, USA (daughter of Colley, John Hargus and Arnett, Alcey); died Abt 1883, Washington Co, VA.
    1. Goff, Robert Sandifer was born 21 Aug 1875; died 4 Jan 1949.
    2. 1. Goff, Thomas
    3. Goff, Spice
    4. Goff, William
    5. Goff, Samuel
    6. Goff, Belle
    7. Goff, Mattie
    8. Goff, Elizabeth
    9. Goff, Harrison
    10. Goff, Anna
    11. Goff, George
    12. Goff, Dave

Generation: 3

  1. 6.  Colley, John Hargus was born 1796, Washington Co, VA (son of Colley, Thomas W. and Laswell, Sarah).

    John married Arnett, Alcey 1823. Alcey (daughter of Arnett, Daniel and McNew, Elizabeth) was born 14 Apr 1804. [Group Sheet]

  2. 7.  Arnett, Alcey was born 14 Apr 1804 (daughter of Arnett, Daniel and McNew, Elizabeth).
    1. Colley, John Calvin was born Abt 1831, Virginia, USA.
    2. Colley, Ailsey was born Abt 1836, Virginia, USA.
    3. Colley, Louisa was born Abt 1838, Virginia, USA.
    4. Colley, Samuel was born Abt 1842, Virginia, USA.
    5. Colley, Margaret was born Abt 1841, Virginia, USA.
    6. Colley, Susan was born Abt 1845, Virginia, USA.
    7. Colley, Daniel W. was born Abt 1848, Virginia, USA.
    8. Colley, Mary Wert was born Abt 1827, Virginia, USA; died Aft 1859.
    9. 3. Colley, Sarah was born Abt 1825, Virginia, USA; died Abt 1883, Washington Co, VA.

Generation: 4

  1. 12.  Colley, Thomas W. was born 23 Sep 1769, Albemarle, Virginia, USA (son of Colley, Thomas E and Unknown, Rhoda); died 14 Feb 1855, Washington Co, VA; was buried Mouth of McHenry's Creek 2.125 mi NW of Saltville, VA.


    Cause of death: palsey
    Death record on file.
    From Tom Colley, 384 County Road 262, Hanceville, AL 35077, in an email dated 25 July 1999:

    Early records indicate "Elder" Thomas Colley was a Primitive Baptist "lay" preacher and held that position at Yellow Springs for many years. In January 1808, he was called to visit with Mr. William King, the founder of the Saltworks, (Saltville Virginia) during his last illness. (Mr. King died October 1808).

    "Elder Colley was described as somewhat eccentric, but a man of great earnestness and fidelity. Elders Colley, Jessee, Seuter and Edwards formed the connecting link between the founders of the church in the wilderness and the oldest of the Baptist Ministers of the present day. They were men of exemplary lives, and though rude in speech, preached with great power and effect. They were all working men, laboring with their hands for the bread that sustained themselves and families, and dispensing the bread of life to others without money and without price. They were men of sound, practical sense, and of simple, unadorned, but dignified piety."

    "When there was a division in the church some thirty-odd years ago on the subject of Foriegn Missions, Mr. Jesse gave the missionary cause his hearty and zealous support, and Mr. Colley was equally as earnest in his opposition. He thought the Church could and would evangelize the World, and no need of auxiliary societies of any sort. When this matter was discussed at Yellow Spring ... he stood alone in his opposition. When a brother arose and said there was something "radically" wrong in such opposition, Mr. Colley replied, "take your seat my brother, you know nothing about it. We have all heard of Radical Methodists, but who ever heard of a "radical" Baptist?" (alluding to the Methodist Protestant Church; by some called "Radical")"

    "WILBURN WATERS" Coale; contained in "Annals of Southwest Virginia", Summers, Vol. 2, p1631.

    Thomas married Laswell, Sarah 7 Dec 1790, Abingdon, Washington, Virginia, USA. Sarah was born UNKNOWN; died Bef 1850. [Group Sheet]

  2. 13.  Laswell, Sarah was born UNKNOWN; died Bef 1850.


    Colley Surname Marriages; Washington Co, VA
    Extracted and provided to the USGenWeb archives by Kim Hagy

    July 14, 1998
    *Note--Marriage Register 1 consists of three volumes, and contains all marriages recorded prior to 1902. As these marriages are not in chronological order in the books, it is apparent that they have been transcribed from an earlier register, or from individual ministers' returns. Marriage records beginning in1902 are found in Marriage Register 3. I found no "Marriage Register 2."

    Marriage Register 1, Vol. 1, p. 62:
    Colley, Thomas & Sarah Laswell (no other information)--Min: Nicholas Reagan
    (NOTE: No date given, but this entry falls between entries for 1790 and 1791)

    1. Colley, Sarah H. was born 1798, Virginia, USA; died 15 Dec 1872.
    2. Colley, Thomas Cartwright was born 1805, Virginia, USA; died 1878, Huntsville, Randolph, Missouri, USA.
    3. Colley, David L. was born 1810, Russell Co, VA; died Aft 1880, Greenup Co, KY.
    4. Colley, Margaret was born 1818.
    5. Colley, William was born 1819; died 1891.
    6. 6. Colley, John Hargus was born 1796, Washington Co, VA.
    7. Colley, Mary L. was born UNKNOWN.

  3. 14.  Arnett, Daniel

    Daniel — McNew, Elizabeth. [Group Sheet]

  4. 15.  McNew, Elizabeth
    1. 7. Arnett, Alcey was born 14 Apr 1804.