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51 Descendants of Thomas "The Seagull" Green website list marriage as 25 Aug 1810.
Green, John H. (I1659)
52 Died at age 12 Colley, Julia (I1365)
53 Died at age 18 Colley, Josh (I1364)
54 Died at age 4 Cantrell, Georgia (I1409)
55 Died at age 8
Colley, Ellen (I1366)
56 Died at the Truman Medical Center, Kansas City, MO Colley, Gladys Lueiza (I1879)
57 Died in infancy. Griswold, MIchael (I1596)
58 Died in the Civil War. Duncan, John W (I2063)
59 Died of cholera. Colley, William K (I679)
60 Died of pneumonia as a CSA soldier.
Russell City, VA is now in WV. 
Colley, Adam Wirth (I250)
61 Died young. Lee, Jack Mason (I1465)
62 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I910)
63 EMAIL: Shearer, Eddie (I897)
64 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I885)
65 EMAIL: Blackwell, Louise (I850)
66 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I871)
67 EMAIL: Blackwell, Mary Rose (I848)
68 Family trees submitted by Ancestry members. Source (S59)
69 FamilySearch. "United States Census, 1900". Database : 2016. Source (S48)
70 "United States Census, 1880". Database The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. : 2015. Source (S43)
71 From Draper Collection, Letter 31 from Thomas Colley Johnston (August 7, 1884): "at the age of 19 had the misfortune to kill a bully with hist fist. The man had often followed him and challenged him, for a trial of manhood. Colley struck him but one, - and not then, until his father seeing the affair, walked up and ordered him. He killed the man - "Stelseg" - at the one lick. He hid out of the way of sheriffs for several weeks - and then found his way to London; there married a Huguenot woman and shiped [sic] at once for New York - found his way to near the place Chatham. I saw his deed to two bodies of land, in that office in 1854. This Colley was 6 ft. 9 inches in height, and a giant every way" Colley, Thomas (I602)
72 Funeral Memorium on file. Diggs, James Melvin (I808)
73 George Colley was declared an insane person, a person of unsound mind and incapable of managing his affairs on 26 March 1936. Earl B. Noel, Public Administrator of Randolph County was granted guardianship. Probably resided in Fulton State Hospital.

Moberly, Randolph County, MO
Friday, October 5, 1951 -- Page 5, columns 4, 5, and 6 
Colley, George Calvin (I234)
74 Guessing he was named in honor of John W (from first wife Mary) who had recently been killed in the Civil War. Duncan, John W (I2117)
75 Headstone says Freddie CLYNE Colley

OBIT on file:
Tuesday, February 23, 1982
Colley, Freddie Clyde (I55)
76 His mother died when he was 5. His father died when he was 11. His only surviving grandparent (his maternal grandmother) died when he was 14. This left him, his older brother (16) and younger sister (11) alone to fend for themselves.

1940 Census, Moniteau Township, Howard County, MO: S.D. 2 E.D. 45-10, Sheet 2-B, lines 50-53: Abba, age 53, farmer; Mary, age 38; Betty, age 14; Ruth, age 6. 
Duncan, Abba Adonia (I7)
77 I am inferring that Thomas B. Bradley who married Cynthia Swon is the same Thomas B. Bradley who a year earlier married Anne Swon. Bradley, Thomas B. (I1640)
78 In the 1850 census, Creesy is listed as 8 months old. Quite possibly, this is the same child called "Mary" in the 1860 census (and listed separately in this database). Mullins, Creesy (I1311)
79 It has been suggested that Spicy Colley's maiden name was Floyd. Additionally, it has been suggested that William Hickman Floyd married David Colley's sister Helen Nellie Colley. The Colley and Floyd family came from Russell and Washington Co, VA to Greenup Co, KY in the 1860s. They were the first family to settle on Crane Creek. They built the first Baptist church on Crane Creek, a large poplar log building. The church also served as a school house. David Colley preached at the Crane Creek Baptist Church. The building stood and was used until the 1930s. Colley, David L. (I280)
80 It is assumed that Erlean is a child of Elizabeth Ann Groom prior to meeting Richard Swon, Jr.

Either her father was not married to Elizabeth Ann, or perhaps Groom is not Elizabeth Ann's maiden name. 
Groom, Erlean (I1616)
(Farmer, Post-office, Duncan's Bridge)
It was for Mr. Duncan's father, David Duncan, that Duncan's Bridge was named, and he, the father, was one of the sturdy pioneers of Missouri. He came to this State with his family away back in the territorial days of the country. His wife was a Miss Elizabeth Finney before her marriage and they reared a worthy family of children. On coming to Missouri they first located in Howard county, then a sort of center for settlers. But later along they removed to Randolph county and finally settled permanently in Monroe county. Their family was the only one for considerable time throughout all the region round about Duncan's Bridge, and it was a great stopping place for people passing this way. They were old-fashioned, great-hearted, hospitable people, always with plenty to eat, a big fire in the winter time and warm, thick feather beds, and their latch string was always on the outside for every worthy person who chose to partake of the hospitalities. These good old people have long since passed away, but the memory of their kind and generous lives hovers like a beautiful halo in the minds of those who knew them, and mingled with them at the places that now know them no more, around their own fireside, at the homes of their neighbors, in the old-fashioned log churches and at neighborhood gatherings. Let them not be forgotten while the truer and better qualities of head and heart are cherished among men. James Duncan, the subject of this sketch, was born in Kentucky, August 1, 1814, but was principally reared in Missouri. He was brought up to an honest, hard-working, farm life, which has continued to be his occupation with but little interruption.
Away back in 1835, he was married to Miss Mary V. Taylor. She lived 27 years after she wore her bridal wreath, and became the beloved mother of seven children, but three of whom are now living: Greenbury, James and Francis. John W. died after his marriage, the others, young and unmarried. In 1862 Mr. Duncan was married to Miss Elizabeth Capp. They have seven children: Caroline, Elisha, Willard, Thrasher, Josephine, Urna and two are deceased. Mr. and Mrs. Duncan are members of the Christian Church. His farm contains 120 acres, and is comfortably improved. Aside from a trip to California in 1850, his whole life has been spent in Monroe county up to this time and from the first settlement of his father's family at Duncan's Bridge.
History of Monroe and Shelby Counties Missouri 1884 (downloaded from on 2017-12-11)
Duncan, James W (I1676)
82 John A. and William were twins. Dickerson, John A. (I1175)
83 Killed by bushwackers near White Oak Bridge west of Phelps, MO. Colley, James H (I685)
84 Killed by guerillas led by "Bloody Bill" Anderson.

Patton was a Captain of Company E of the 51st Mo Militia 
Colley, Patton (I687)
85 Last name may be "Baysey". Baisey, Elizabeth (I1832)
86 Last name may be "Baysey". Baisey, John (I1838)
87 Last name may be "Deal". Deel, David Widener (I701)
88 Last name may be "Muzzey". Merry, Leah (I1847)
89 Last name may be "St. Claire" St. Clair, Lucratie (I243)
90 Last name may be Stiltner. Stilton, Polly (I1730)
91 Likely twins with William Colley, Isabella (I794)
92 Listed in household of brother Willis Green Duncan, Sr in 1860 census. Duncan, Josiah Tirey (I1691)
93 Marriage License on file. Family F18
94 Marriage per accessed 2017-12-11. Duncan, Elizabeth (I1681)
95 Marriage Record on file. Family F28
96 Marriages in Washington Co, VA, "Annals of Southwest Virginia, Washington County" lists Minister -- Nicholas Reagan. Family F210
97 Marriages in Washington Co, VA, "Annals of Southwest Virginia, Washington County" lists Minister -- Nicholas Reagan. Family F211
98 Married by Rev. W. M. Thomson (uncle)
Witnesses: Sam W. Richardson & Harvey Robinson 
Family F6
99 Memorial Card from Funeral on file. Roberts, William Henry (I58)

Columbia Missourian Newspaper -- Columbia, Boone County, MO
Thursday, February 19, 1998

1940 Census, Sugar Creek Township, Randolph County, MO: S.D. 2 E. D. 88-28, Sheet 6-A, lines 4-6. Name listed as "Conrad, Clay Colley". Age 27, worked in a shoe factory, made $960 in 1939. Katherine L, age 25. Billy Wayne, age 6. 
Colley, Conrad Clay (I9)

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