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Kentucky, USA


Latitude: 37.825, Longitude: -84.2333


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Vaughter, Richard Henry  1820Kentucky, USA I1628
2 Unknown, Lucinda  1841Kentucky, USA I1128
3 Thompson, Nancy  25 Dec 1797Kentucky, USA I779
4 Thompson, Mary  Abt 1832Kentucky, USA I663
5 Thompson, George  Abt 1839Kentucky, USA I664
6 Swon, Salley  Kentucky, USA I1610
7 Swon, Richard Jr.  1821Kentucky, USA I1609
8 Swon, Richard Sr.  11 Jun 1796Kentucky, USA I778
9 Swon, Margaret  23 Jan 1827Kentucky, USA I1612
10 Swon, John  6 Nov 1819Kentucky, USA I1602
11 Swon, Elizabeth V.  1826Kentucky, USA I1611
12 Swon, Edwin  10 Mar 1831Kentucky, USA I1613
13 Swon, Cynthia  1833Kentucky, USA I1614
14 Swon, Anne  1823Kentucky, USA I1155
15 Rice, William  Abt 1814Kentucky, USA I1972
16 Ramsey, Nancy J.  Abt 1828Kentucky, USA I1954
17 Prather, John Hunt  Abt 1810Kentucky, USA I1952
18 Morgan, Cynthia  Abt 1876Kentucky, USA I1074
19 Lawrence, William R.  1846Kentucky, USA I1634
20 Lawrence, James T.  10 Jun 1824Kentucky, USA I1632
21 Johnson, Nancy Ellen  Abt 1888Kentucky, USA I966
22 Johnson, Monice  Abt 1883Kentucky, USA I960
23 Green, William Gentry  28 May 1817Kentucky, USA I1943
24 Green, William  Abt 1786Kentucky, USA I1921
25 Green, Squire  6 Aug 1811Kentucky, USA I1942
26 Green, Samual  Abt 1822Kentucky, USA I1945
27 Green, Nancy  Abt 1816Kentucky, USA I1957
28 Green, Leantha  Abt 1808Kentucky, USA I1941
29 Green, Franklin  Abt 1818Kentucky, USA I1944
30 Green, Emily  Abt 1807Kentucky, USA I1940
31 Fitzwater, William M.  8 Jul 1822Kentucky, USA I782
32 Fitzwater, Stephen  21 Apr 1787Kentucky, USA I1755
33 Fitzwater, Moses  1825Kentucky, USA I1757
34 Finnell, Susannah A.  1799Kentucky, USA I1930
35 Finnell, Stephen  Abt 1802Kentucky, USA I1922
36 Finnell, Sarah E.  18 Feb 1812Kentucky, USA I1927
37 Finnell, Rachel  6 Sep 1809Kentucky, USA I1926
38 Finnell, Mary  Abt 1816Kentucky, USA I1928
39 Finnell, Martin  1808Kentucky, USA I1925
40 Finnell, Jonathan  1768Kentucky, USA I1672
41 Finnell, John  1796Kentucky, USA I1919
42 Finnell, Jemima  1804Kentucky, USA I1924
43 Finnell, Elizabeth B  17 Feb 1794Kentucky, USA I1671
44 Finnell, Eliza  Abt 1818Kentucky, USA I1929
45 Duncan, Willis Green Sr.  27 Jan 1821Kentucky, USA I1657
46 Duncan, Sarah  17 Feb 1813Kentucky, USA I1675
47 Duncan, Rodah  8 Jan 1817Kentucky, USA I1677
48 Duncan, Nancy  20 Jan 1820Kentucky, USA I1679
49 Duncan, Jonathan W.  27 Dec 1811Kentucky, USA I1674
50 Duncan, James W  1 Aug 1814Kentucky, USA I1676

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Worley, Sarah Elizabeth  Aft 1882Kentucky, USA I901
2 Scott, Sarah  Abt 1822Kentucky, USA I1660
3 Barnes, Nancy Ann  Abt 1823Kentucky, USA I1695


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Green / Finnell  Abt 1823Kentucky, USA F645