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Missouri, USA


Latitude: 38.2917, Longitude: -91.6


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Wright, Samuel  1859Missouri, USA I775
2 Wright, Mary  1855Missouri, USA I776
3 Wright, Agnes  1851Missouri, USA I774
4 Woods, Luticia Jane  7 Jun 1858Missouri, USA I46
5 Withers, Sarah Mary  Abt 1810Missouri, USA I1979
6 Unknown, Sarah N.  Abt 1841Missouri, USA I1867
7 Thompson, Sarah  Abt 1846Missouri, USA I665
8 Thompson, Hiram  Abt 1847Missouri, USA I666
9 Swon, Lyda  1865Missouri, USA I1637
10 Swon, John Thomas  1868Missouri, USA I1638
11 Swon, Georgia B.  1875Missouri, USA I1608
12 Swon, Ella V.  1863Missouri, USA I1636
13 Swon, Ella  1870Missouri, USA I1606
14 Swon, Alicia M.  1872Missouri, USA I1607
15 Moseley, John A.  Missouri, USA I1604
16 Hulett, Mary Ellen  31 Aug 1890Missouri, USA I2030
17 Green, William  Abt 1843Missouri, USA I1964
18 Green, Stephen  Abt 1824Missouri, USA I1932
19 Green, Rhoda Frances  Abt 1842Missouri, USA I1938
20 Green, Nancy B.  Abt 1831Missouri, USA I1934
21 Green, Martin  20 Dec 1819Missouri, USA I1961
22 Green, Lawson T.  1844Missouri, USA I1939
23 Green, John J.  Abt 1838Missouri, USA I1937
24 Green, James P.  Abt 1830Missouri, USA I1933
25 Green, Gilbert L.  Abt 1836Missouri, USA I1936
26 Green, E.  Abt 1827Missouri, USA I1973
27 Green, Charley E.  Abt 1858Missouri, USA I1955
28 Green, Caroline  Abt 1841Missouri, USA I1963
29 Green, Ancel G.  1823Missouri, USA I1931
30 Duncan, William  4 Apr 1824Missouri, USA I1682
31 Duncan, Stephen  11 Oct 1830Missouri, USA I1687
32 Duncan, Squire  19 Apr 1834Missouri, USA I1689
33 Duncan, Sarah Alice  Abt 1852Missouri, USA I1664
34 Duncan, Philip C.  21 Apr 1835Missouri, USA I1690
35 Duncan, Pamelia Jane  1844Missouri, USA I2090
36 Duncan, Nancy J  Abt 1854Missouri, USA I2059
37 Duncan, Minerva  1856Missouri, USA I2068
38 Duncan, Mary  Abt 1853Missouri, USA I2072
39 Duncan, Martin Luther  11 Dec 1826Missouri, USA I1684
40 Duncan, Malinda Virginia  21 Jun 1837Missouri, USA I2085
41 Duncan, Lucy A  Abt 1851Missouri, USA I2071
42 Duncan, Josiah Tirey  27 Jun 1837Missouri, USA I1691
43 Duncan, Josephine  Abt 1859Missouri, USA I2074
44 Duncan, John William  Abt 1845Missouri, USA I1661
45 Duncan, John W  9 Jul 1841Missouri, USA I2063
46 Duncan, John  Abt 1856Missouri, USA I2073
47 Duncan, James Willis  13 Aug 1846Missouri, USA I2065
48 Duncan, James Madison  Abt 1857Missouri, USA I1665
49 Duncan, Henry B.  1 Jan 1822Missouri, USA I1680
50 Duncan, Greenberry Fountain  20 Sep 1843Missouri, USA I2064

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Sumpter, John Wesley  4 Jul 1861Missouri, USA I1946
2 McClain, Martha  1868Missouri, USA I673
3 Hulett, Mary Ellen  3 Jun 1984Missouri, USA I2030
4 Green, Ann  Missouri, USA I1699
5 Duncan, Zeona Zexter  17 May 1945Missouri, USA I37
6 Duncan, Elizabeth C  31 Aug 1853Missouri, USA I2087
7 Duncan, David Jackson  1840Missouri, USA I1686
8 Colley, Benjamin Franklin  27 Dec 1974Missouri, USA I241
9 Cleeton, Larry  30 Jan 1965Missouri, USA I1900


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Sumpter / Duncan  13 Apr 1848Missouri, USA F647
2 Colley / Turnadge  1845Missouri, USA F244