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Virginia, USA


Latitude: 38.0667, Longitude: -78.5833


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Anderson, Malvina  Abt 1829Virginia, USA I2069
2 Colley, Ailsey  Abt 1836Virginia, USA I606
3 Colley, Christian M.  12 Nov 1813Virginia, USA I576
4 Colley, Daniel W.  Abt 1848Virginia, USA I611
5 Colley, Elizabeth  Virginia, USA I564
6 Colley, George  Abt 1775Virginia, USA I559
7 Colley, James T.  Abt 1846Virginia, USA I795
8 Colley, John  Abt 1780Virginia, USA I557
9 Colley, John Calvin  Abt 1831Virginia, USA I605
10 Colley, John M.  Abt 1848Virginia, USA I796
11 Colley, Louisa  Abt 1838Virginia, USA I607
12 Colley, Margaret  Abt 1841Virginia, USA I609
13 Colley, Mary Wert  Abt 1827Virginia, USA I612
14 Colley, Meshack  Virginia, USA I563
15 Colley, Mildrich  Abt 1780Virginia, USA I561
16 Colley, Millard F.  Abt 1850Virginia, USA I797
17 Colley, Rachel  Virginia, USA I565
18 Colley, Samuel  Abt 1842Virginia, USA I608
19 Colley, Sarah  Abt 1825Virginia, USA I1167
20 Colley, Sarah H.  1798Virginia, USA I597
21 Colley, Susan  Abt 1845Virginia, USA I610
22 Colley, Thomas Cartwright  1805Virginia, USA I260
23 Colley, Thomas E  Between 1740 and 1750Virginia, USA I286
24 Colley, Thomas J.  6 Jan 1832Virginia, USA I264
25 Colley, Whitley  Abt 1851Virginia, USA I798
26 Dickerson, John A.  1845Virginia, USA I1175
27 Dickerson, William Abis  14 Jan 1845Virginia, USA I613
28 Duncan, David Daniel  11 Mar 1786Virginia, USA I1670
29 Green, Alice  Abt 1764Virginia, USA I1993
30 Green, Ann  Abt 1702Virginia, USA I2015
31 Green, Anne  Abt 1758Virginia, USA I1990
32 Green, Edmund  Abt 1708Virginia, USA I2028
33 Green, Elizabeth  Abt 1699Virginia, USA I2007
34 Green, Elizabeth  Abt 1748Virginia, USA I1985
35 Green, Elizabeth  Abt 1760Virginia, USA I1991
36 Green, Frederick  Abt 1725Virginia, USA I1995
37 Green, Henry  Aft 1724Virginia, USA I1994
38 Green, James  Abt 1750Virginia, USA I1986
39 Green, Jane  Abt 1756Virginia, USA I1989
40 Green, John  Abt 1701Virginia, USA I2008
41 Green, Martin  29 Sep 1762Virginia, USA I1692
42 Green, Mary  Abt 1703Virginia, USA I2016
43 Green, Mary  Abt 1746Virginia, USA I1984
44 Green, Richard  Abt 1727Virginia, USA I1999
45 Green, Sarah  Abt 1762Virginia, USA I1992
46 Green, Susannah  Abt 1710Virginia, USA I2029
47 Green, Thomas  Abt 1752Virginia, USA I1987
48 Green, William  Abt 1754Virginia, USA I1988
49 Griffin, Abigail  Abt 1700Virginia, USA I2009
50 Griffin, Elizabeth  1705Virginia, USA I1981

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Griffin, Elizabeth  Aft 1748Virginia, USA I1981
2 Unknown, Rhoda  Bef 1775Virginia, USA I287


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Bradley / Unknown  Aft 1800Virginia, USA F209
2 Colley / McDaniel  7 Apr 1835Virginia, USA F219
3 Colley / Unknown  Bef 1769Virginia, USA F123
4 Colley / Unknown  Bef 1775Virginia, USA F124
5 Colley / Unknown  Between 1828 and 1834Virginia, USA F120
6 Green / Griffin  Abt 1721Virginia, USA F667
7 Green / Griffin  Abt 1725Virginia, USA F662
8 Green / Owen  Abt 1745Virginia, USA F663
9 Griffin /   Abt 1750Virginia, USA F669
10 Griffin / Green  Abt 1719Virginia, USA F668
11 Grizzle / Sutherland  23 May 1884Virginia, USA F391